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Transparency Is A Must!

Jacobs Branding Graphics & Website Designs purpose is to be clear about what I stand for, to believe that obstacles are there to be conquered and to take risks necessary for personal growth and entrepreneurial success. My vision is to be known to give back to their community and to uphold my values, purpose, concepts, and passions. My goals are to achieve maximum potential and create LONG-TERM relationships with clients.

I help small business’, and crafty, creative people brand themselves online and set up a social media presence and website that will help engage their audience and delight their current followers.

Let me help you find your home on the internet. It’s imperative in today’s world where technology is the norm. Your current fans will have a place to refer their family, friends, and acquaintances to help you reach a larger audience.

Setting up your brand includes design, a great name, tagline, and a unique selling position that will take your small business or craft and talent to new levels. My educational background is what inspires me to help other small business’ gain an online presence. Managing a small business is hard work so let me assist you with all your strategic business goals and build you a brand that will have customers coming back time and time again.

I love working with other creatives. You inspire me to continue to hone my creativity which is one of the most important areas of my life. Being creative is my saving grace, and I intend on showing others how much creativity of all kinds can do the same for them.

How am I Unique? With my background and education focusing on Business Administration, Internet Marketing, Management, and Leadership, I offer you my services that will align your strategic business goals with your brand. Your business goals and your brand must match across all marketing avenues. You won’t find a lot of service providers that can offer both knowledge in the business world and the design world. Let me help you brand your business with both in mind.

After we come up with the right branding designs including logo, icons, fonts, color palette, patterns, and textures; we will develop online and offline graphics that will include creating a fantastic website to match. While working collaboratively together, it will give you an opportunity to bring your strategic business goals in line with the necessary tools to unite with new customers and encourage your current customers to become “brand ambassadors” for you.

After we have all of your brand elements in place, we will work together to develop a website that brings together your brand elements and your strategic business goals. Your website is the place you should call home on the internet and needs to be carefully thought about and planned. There are many other elements that go into designing a website. Designing your website is more than just putting some words and pictures on a page. We have to consider many other parts of designing and maintaining a website like analytics, search engine optimization, and writing for the web. You will also need a blog. Your blog would be the dining room in your home where everyone gets together and chit chats about what is going on in their lives.

Although the most important piece of your company should be the website we build, having a social media presence is essential in today’s marketplace. If you do not have a social media presence, I will make sure you have one that will attract your customers and is in line with your brand. After we have created your branding elements for each social media platform which best suits your business needs, I will provide you with all the social media graphics you need for those platforms and make sure that your social media sites are in line with your strategic business goals, your brand, and your online identity.


My values are simple, and I follow them in all aspects of my life. They include honesty, productivity, responsibility, creativity, pride, critical thinking, self-motivation, teamwork, and integrity. My business concepts are to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, quality driven work, and improvement at constant intervals.


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